Denise WEIGHT LOSS Progress

Denis Hosford O’Sullivan has been doing really well,here is her up-date in her own words…
Thanks everyone for the wonderful words of encouragement and all the pm’s enquiring about At the Fitness Centre in Mayfield. Just like to update everyone as I broke the 50lb weight loss mark last week!! I can’t believe it either!! On 24th June it will be 4 mths since my start date At the Fitness Centre with Chris Mc and Anne. I can’t stress enough the hardest part was walking through the doors my very first day. All negative thoughts were in my mind and boy are they completely gone now. If just one person reading this made the first step as did I 4mths ago I promise you a very happy (both mentally and physically) more energetic and well balanced outcome once you start and see the results. The craic/atmosphere is very motivating while the gym members and class participants are like my life long friends and will be I’m sure I’ve come a very long way in the past 4 short months and have an even longer journey ahead of me but Chris’s attitude is one day at a time. I promise to keep updating everyone every couple of mths. I am taking pics of myself along the way and will post all of them here when I’m more confident with them and almost nearing completion so as to encourage anyone that was in my predicament. I assure you “Nothing Tastes as Good as Slim Feels”

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