The Studio

Welcome to Mayfield’s premier, private personal training & fitness studio with weight loss coaching..

Where all that really matters, are your results!

That’s right, our research driven training programmes ensure your success. The techniques we use are proven to get the best results in the quickest time possible. It includes resistance training of various kinds such as, kettlebell training, TRX and much more.

We Are a Community

We have a great community of people who are trying to improve themselves, trying to get healthier, lose weight, get stronger (mentally and physically), get toned, decrease stress, and have more energy.

Being a part our community is very motivating, and the stories are inspiring.We just provide a great facility to base from.

We have lots of client get togethers. This means that you are often around others who want to improve and get better.

As I always say, you are an average of the 6 people you hang out with most. So make sure you hang out with people who push you, and help you be better.

If you would like to join our community, or find out more information on our personal training programmes in Mayfield then just give us a call on 087 203 9974 or 021 455 2915.