We often get people who have TRIED EVERYTHING, every diet, every new gadget and gizmo, and nothing has worked, or has worked for a short amount of time, and then rebounded and put back on more weight than they had to begin with.

I totally understand that you will be skeptical, and even worried, that this may be something else to add to that list. That’s why we put a guarantee on our programme. We actually want you to be successful.

What will you get out of Weight Loss Coaching here At the Fitness Centre?


    Without a doubt, we are in the results business, and ultimately that is what’s important. Weight Loss Coaching through our programs here At the Fitness Centre, guarantees your success.

    We include EVERYTHING that is required for success: Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, Support, Motivation & Accountability.

    We are a private personal training studio, so the added benefits include, no busy times, no waiting for equipment, no intimidating people, no egos – just a fun, enjoyable environment where you get results.